Star Learner of the Week


Awards given during our Celebration Assembly on Friday 14th December 2018



Class Teacher Pupil Reason                                                       
Rec Cherry

Mrs Ludlam


For always smiling and trying his best. He is making great progress in maths.


Rec Willow

Mrs Galloway


For being an absolute superstar in our nativity and all of the time!


Y1 Oak

Mrs Vickers


For always giving 100% in all areas of learning and this is showing in her progress - Well done!


Y1 Yew

Miss Ives


For always being ready to learn and for her growing confidence to answer questions on the carpet.


Y2 Poplar

Mrs Hayne


For trying really hard with all her learning.


Y2 Beech

Mrs Barlow


For always being ready to learn, for following instructions and working hard.


Y3 Ash

Mrs Meeds


For trying hard in every lesson.


Y3 Chestnut

Mr Fellowes


For being kind, helpful and polite. He is s super school councillor and a pleasure to teach!


Y4 Acer

Miss Millington


For always showing that she is ready to learn and having an amazing attitude.


Y4 Sycamore

Miss Prodger




For having a great attitude to learning - she always ready to learn and tries her best


Y5 Birch

Mr Bastock


For amazing writing in our stories.


Y5 Maple

Miss Swinney


For persevering with his work to make great progress in writing.


Y6 Elm

Mrs Khalil


For working really hard in all of her work, especially English. She has had a real enthusiasm for her writing and an amazing attitude to learning.


Y6 Lime

Miss Saunders


For taking on responsibility and being resilient.


Musicians of the Week

Mrs Andrew 



Ridgeway Music



All of Year 6



Ronnie - Y6K


For an amazing performance at the Cathedral Singing festival.

For rising to the challenge of taking part in the senior performers showcase. He has had to learn lots of hard music with only three rehearsals.  He will be performing on stage with both his flute and saxophone!


Spanish Learner of the Week


Ronnie - Y6K

For always impressing me - he is an amazing and talented boy in every single aspect.